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Motor Trucking Cargo Insurance Options

Motor Trucking Cargo Insurance Options

Most of the time you only see this coverage when you have a contract that requires it. But it can be a good idea to review this coverage when you first start trucking and anytime you have valuables on or in the trailer because you never know when it will come in handy.


Cargo covers the value of your load for damage while in transit. We've all seen the pictures of a truck on its side with the load scattered all over the freeway. Nobody wants that to happen to them. Insurance doesn't prevent accidents but it can ease the pain when they happen.


This type of coverage can sometimes be included on your commercial auto policy and sometimes it is written on a policy by itself (which we call "stand-alone"), depending on the insurance carrier and needs of the customer. Cargo insurance can apply to cargo owned by your or owned by someone else and can include modes of transportation other than trucks, such as air and rail.


Here are some examples of cargo coverage you might need when shopping your trucking insurance:


Motor Cargo

  • value of goods you own
  • value of goods owned by others
  • Refrigeration breakdown
  • Goods still at a terminal


Truckmen's Legal Liability

  • Only when hauling goods of others
  • Refrigeration breakdown
  • terminal coverage


Annual Transportation

  • Value of goods you own, service, or sell
  • While on owned vehicles
  • While on vehicles owned by others, including rail and air


Trip Transit

  • For one-time use
  • While on owned vehicles
  • While on vehicles owned by others, including rail and air


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