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Meet Jenny- Our office manager and Personal Lines CSR

Meet Jenny- Our office manager and Personal Lines CSR

Have you ever met someone and instantly known that they would be an invaluable asset? I think Mr. Norton instinctively knew that about Jenny 25 years ago when he plucked her from her payroll job to come and work for him.  She has been with us through three generations, countless hurricanes, uncertain economic times, and thousands of customers.

Jenny started doing data entry in 1997 then quickly pivoted to different roles getting her insurance license to meet the overall needs of our office. And from that time on, it seems that’s been Jenny’s mantra has been to rise to the moment and step in whenever needed.

If you ask her what has kept her in this industry for so long, she would say that she loves helping her customers and interacting with them on a meaningful level. There is such loyalty between Jenny and her customers that she still has many of the same customers as she did on day one of doing Personal Lines Insurance. Interestingly, she thinks that the last year has seen the biggest changes and challenges in the industry. But somehow, she still finds the tenacity to go that extra mile for her customers, working long hours to help get the best price and coverage for her customers.

If ever there’s a question that one of our staff can’t answer, we turn to Jenny. If ever we need sage wisdom with how to weather a storm of changes in the industry, we turn to Jenny. Now that her job role includes being office manager, Jenny is also the one improving workflows and helping our staff with all the logistics of their jobs. 

And all the while that she is caring for our office, she is caring for those in her personal life as well. She has stood with her companion Lamar during his recent trial with cancer and was the nurse for her mother for two years as she transitioned to passing. She cares for all the animals and people around her as if they were her own family. In the free time she has, she loves nothing more than to cheer on and visit her three grandchildren. I doubt you’ll ever there was a bigger and more generous heart.

She has been the life blood of our agency, even if she does bleed blue and orange for her Gators.

Thank you for an amazing 25 years! We couldn’t have done it without you!