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Louisiana Flood 2016


Floods can devastate individuals and communities alike. As the water slowly rises, reaction time follows suit as options dwindle. My father, brother, and I had the opportunity to travel this weekend to the Baton Rouge area in Louisiana to help with the flood recovery efforts going on there. Interstate 12 has only just reopened but deep waters still surround some sections and several neighborhoods and roads in Gonzales are still underwater nearly two weeks after the rain stopped.


I posted a link on our twitter account with a video of one of the streets we were on just east of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The woman we helped had no family, no insurance, and few options. After one day of raining the only road out of the neighborhood was unpassable, leaving the residents to fend for themselves. As the water got higher, she and her dogs sat on the roof of the car until a savior in a small boat arrived. Imagine being in a situation like hers.


We and a crew of several others heard her tale of loss and survival and offered words of encouragement but greater therapy would come with physical recovery. Mold had already grown into every interior and exterior wall, all furniture and appliances were ruined, and little was left to salvage. Just like all of her neighbors in the video link below, the contents of her home were on the street, the light rain causing no further damage than what was already done. After the day’s work the home was left completely bare but with hope. Things can be replaced  but not the drawings children made on the walls of their childhood home. It could take months and maybe years for everything to be put back together.


Flood insurance won’t keep the contents of your flooded home from being piled up on the side of the road but it can help you get back to normal quicker. For disasters as extensive as this, insurance companies often call in reinforcements to their fleet of Adjusters, who’s goal is getting you through the claims process quickly. Homeowners insurance often does not include damage caused by floods like the one in Baton Rouge, so consider getting a quote from your local agent for private flood insurance. Premiums are largely controlled by the State government to maintain fairness and standard forms are used such as Elevation Certificates.


Contact Norton Insurance of Florida if you are interested in learning more about disaster preparedness and recovery or for a quick quote on residential flood insurance or commercial flood insurance.

The views expressed here are the opinion of the author and do not attempt to make any recommendation for insurance coverage. Eligibility is determined by the insurance carrier and not all applicants will qualify. Please contact your licensed insurance agent regarding your area's coverage and eligibility.