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Housing Trends for 2017

As technology seeps its way into every facet of our lives, look for more smart-home technology in 2017. With Amazon and Google battling for the crown of complete home integration with their services, the consumers stand to gain most. Eventually the convenience will just be too great to pass up, so start looking for ways you could benefit from this technology.
There are an incredible array of options now available to the custom home builder, with everything from Egyptian sandstone fireplaces to Tibetan faucets. Variety and affordability should allow you to find a pleasing balance of textures to fill your home with a feeling of greater expanse and depth than ever before.
The average (mean) annual temperature in Florida is just above 71 degrees, 3 degrees higher than the next closest state, Louisiana and people are embracing the warm weather in Florida more than ever. Many homes now feature exterior walls made entirely of glass that slide or fold away, allowing seamless transition from couch to pool. Greater use of outdoor space is facilitated by these type of walls and they help expand living space to accommodate a greater number of people.
In the 10 years since our last major hurricane, homebuilders have been vigilant in maintaining standards. Homes are being built out of solid concrete, or raised several feet to avoid tidal surges, and with the highest quality siding and roofing products available. Metal roofs are nearly standard in new homes in the area, but don’t discount the importance of building everything to last.
Pools are becoming part of the whole house design, making it easier to dip your toes in the water. Sun shelves, infinity edges, spas, water features, and decks adorn pools in homes up and down the Emerald Coast. Simplicity and elegance are to be expected for 2017.
Trends rise and fall as the tides but some things should always be there when you need it. Consider your homeowners insurance company as a protector of the things you hold dear and rely on them as you pour your heart and soul into your coastal home. Many companies have online accounts and great customer service, don’t be left behind as other companies move into the future. Call your agent today to find out how your company stacks up with the pack for 2017.

The views expressed here are the opinion of the author and do not attempt to make any recommendation for insurance coverage. Eligibility is determined by the insurance carrier and not all applicants will qualify. Please contact your licensed insurance agent regarding your area's coverage and eligibility.